Pickled Bell Peppers with Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc Wine

Dixon Cider is a newly established, family operated business committed to delivering locally grown, farm fresh pickled bell peppers. Our business began in 2009 with planting, hand harvesting, and hand packing red, yellow and green peppers of the finest quality.  The peppers are then pickled using a unique recipe handed down through generations from the Azores Islands and finished with one of our regions most famous wines – an aromatic grapefruit and citrus blended Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc. The result is a characteristic flavor that is both sweet and zesty.  

Grown on over 600 acres in the fertile soil of the Dixon Ridge, these delicious picked bell peppers are sure to liven up any meal.  Packed full of flavor, they are great used in salads, served alongside grilled meat or fish, as part of a shish-kabob, or just as a snack by themselves. Try them chopped up and added to your favorite salsa or dip recipe, tuna or chicken salad, or serve them as part of an antipasto plate with fresh mozzarella or salami.

Our beautifully packaged, festive bell peppers will add a burst of color to your Holiday platters and make a perfect gift for any season!

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